Cory S. Wanamaker is an American painter and bronze sculptor living abroad. He was born in 1970 in Pennsylvania, USA. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Art Education with a concentration in sculpture and a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Art.  Cory has worked as an educator at various including elementary, high school, University and Post-Graduate levels. Furthermore, Wanamaker holds the prestigious honor of working as a Fulbright Fellow. He is a member of the International Sculpture Organization, National Art Education Association, and the National Education Association. Wanamaker currently lives in Shanghai, China with his wife and teenage son.


The artist began his travels as an expat artist in 2006 as a Fulbright Fellow living and working in the United Kingdom. He immersed himself in his community as a teacher, collaborator, artist, and explorer. During this period in Wanamaker's life, he was able to hone in on and enhance his understanding of place and from that moment on, he began to integrate that understanding into his art. Since that time, he has been able to use his travels to inspire his work and to incorporate true place in unique ways. In 2009 he moved to Moscow, Russia where he lived and worked for three years. During this time Wanamaker incorporated place in a painting he titled Red Square where he mixed dirt from shoes of many individuals that had walked through Red Square into the paint itself, forming a true connection between place and art.


Wanamaker moved to Prague, Czech Republic in 2012, and immediately began creating art. Through his exploration of the Czech Republic Cory re-establish himself as a bronze sculptor and once again nourish his strong desire to create meaningful three-dimensional works of art. His studies of place and angel were both transformed over his duration in Prague and he made a new study of time in this location famously known for its connection to Horology through the medieval Prague astronomical clock.


Currently in Shanghai China, Cory has begun to explore the first Asian influences in his works.  To date he has begun to create works with gunpowder, up-cycled farm equipment, Chinese lantern paper, turtles, frogs, and eels.  His work with cultural connections through bronze sculptures continues to evolve in Shanghai.


Cory Wanamaker’s works are collected both privately and publically from a vast range of patrons, including Countries, C.E.O.’s, C.F.O.’s, C.O.O.’s, Presidents of Industry, Ambassadors, Deputy Ambassadors, Directors, and Established Art Collectors.


Wanamaker's work has been shown at Carnegie Hall in New York City, the Agora Gallery in SoHo, New York City, the North American Biannual, Foothills Art Center in Golden, Colorado, USA, the Stage Gallery in Merrick, New York, USA, the Russian Ministry of Culture Tushino Gallery in Moscow, Russia, the Irish Embassy in Moscow, Russia, at the Dancing House and Jindrigska 16, the Rezidence Ostrovni (Stone Hall), Prague, Czech Republic, Mulberry Galleries in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, Teresa Yost Gallery in Havre de Grace, Maryland, USA,  Art+ Space,  Cool Docks, Shanghai, China, and Studio White Gallery – Shanghai, China