PD For Art & Ed.


This course is a unique opportunity for PD under the guides of the studio process. It is designed for educators to connect, reconnect, commune, collaborate and create within an artist community setting.   This development is geared towards the Art Educator, T.O.K lecturer, and teachers who use the visual arts as a catalyst in their classroom.  The connections and dialogue will enhance and revitalize the delivery of your curriculum as well as strengthen your studio practice.

Participants of this workshop will produce individual and/or group works through the exploration of alternative art making methods and media. The course is designed to encourage the participants to find the best materials and means of personal expression through an informed study of media and the studio process.  During this exploration we will openly share creative ideas and processes in manner that will allow you to expand your students’ understanding of art.  There is no better way to expand the knowledge base of your students than to lead by example as you to take the time to make art yourself.   This experience is just that—a time for you to make art and live an artful life.   All levels of artists and educators are welcome. 


This course is for anyone interested in the creative process.  It is open to both art and non-art educators who understand the importance of the creativity and are willing to integrate it into their planning of daily lessons.  This is applicable to all grade levels.


While I was a teacher, I found that “PD” opportunities to return to the studio and work as an artist during the school year were limited.  I wanted to give creatives an offering that would keep them in touch with their own process. This course is designed to allow the participants to create their work in any form.  (Visual, written, musical, spoken word, poetry etc.)  This will expand your creative vocabulary and invigorate your creative process.  It gives the creative educator an opportunity to find their voice. 


•     The Maximum enrollment and costs for this course are dependant on place.

•     All travel and lodging costs are  the responsibility of the participant. 


•     Upon successful completion of this workshop participants will:

•     Gain knowledge of the exploratory practice.

•     Develop a working base for creative problem solving using multiple mediums that will inform ideas through their process.

•     Explore collaborative learning skills applicable to student learning.

•     Create a piece with media relevant to the intent of their work.

•     Engage in critical discourse based on their experiences and art practices.


•      Discuss individual processes

•     Develop open discourse of work

•     Open discussion of practice

•     Share practice

•     Respond to works

•      Define individual risks of Exploration

•     What do you gain?

•     Why Explore?

•     Where do you start?

•     Begin Exploration Process

•     Gather Information

•     Explore space

•     Experiment with materials

•     Begin to define space

•     Conceptualize intent

•     Form Intent

•     Resource artist

•     Develop ideas

•     Write letter of intent

•     Sketch

•     React to Medium

•     Begin visualization

•     Define relevance to medium

•     Move within the space of production

•     Production of works

•     Define individual purpose if working collaboratively

•     When working alone explain your process

Production of works

•     Gather visual materials in your sketch book and digitally via camera or laptop

•     Layout

•     Create

•     Dialogue

•     Reflection

•     Group Show

•     Critical written reflection

•     Critical discussion of works and progress


•     Active participants in this workshop will:

•     Demonstrate creative problem solving techniques using process as the focus

•     Participate in critical discourse

•     Produce informed works and develop an understanding of space and materials.

•     Prepare a brief written reflection on works and processes.


A working interdisciplinary art studio with vast exterior space including interior and exterior workspace. Power and hand tools will be provided by the instructor depending on the availability at the time of the course.  General consumable materials will be supplied.  (Paints, papers, brushes, pencils, etc.)  Specific materials used will be the responsibility of the participants and depend on the media chosen.  For example, if someone chooses metal, then metal will need to be purchased by the participants once the workshop has begun.